Kill the Farm Boy, by Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin Hearne

I needed a dose of fun this past week, and knew I'd picked the right book when the map at the very beginning sent me into hysterics: "Here be Otters. They be cute." Though having played Dungeons & Dragons is very helpful for picking up all the wordplay and jokes, mostly you just need a good sense of humor to have fun reading Kill the Farm Boy.

Worstley (said farm boy) is going about his business when a particularly repulsive pixie informs him that he is the Chosen One and must go a-questing. She also flicks some magic at Gus the goat, who suddenly starts talking and informs Worstley that his name is actually Gustave. A-questing they go, and it isn't long before a motley crew of adventurers has gathered.

Dawson and Hearne have both written science fiction and fantasy series, and know what they're about. Literary tropes and spoofs abound, and a ridiculous amount of not very subtle double entendre. The plot moves along briskly and keeps you on your toes. Subverting the traditional hero trope is also a plus; white misogyny in the fantasy community is a very real problem, and this book is a welcome break from that.

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