Bloodsucking Fiends, by Christopher Moore

Much like Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore is one of my "I need to wash my brain out" authors. His books are invariably funny and sharp, entertaining and witty. Bloodsucking Fiends is one of his more famous novels, a tale of love and vampires set in San Francisco. And as much as it's about vampires, it's more so about love, like a lot of Moore's books. It's about finding that one person who just gets you, even if you're both a little weird. Like one of you is a nineteen-year-old Midwestern wannabe writer and the other is a twenty-six-year-old serial monogamist and newly turned vampire. The relationship takes some work, but what relationship doesn't?

Moore's strength - aside from his biting humor - is his unforgettable characters. Even bit parts are well-played, like Simon the horny, illiterate cowboy. Non-San Franciscans will be surprised to learn that the character of Emperor Norton did in fact exist; natives will delight in his inclusion and whimsical portrayal. Never a disappointment, always a pleasure, Mr. Moore.

I vant to suck your blood!


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