Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, by Judd Trichter

My biggest complaint about this book is the copy editing. Misspelled words, incorrect words used, sentences that don't quite make sense - was this book copy edited at all? Surprising for St. Martin's Press, usually a solid, reputable publisher.

That being said, the book is good, an interesting, unique idea performed, for the most part, well for a first novel. Eliot is in love with Iris. Eliot is a heartbeat, a human being with a belly button and a pulse. Iris is an android, with an outlet for a navel and a red fleck in her eye, a flaw from the factory production line that she has embraced and replicates in all her artwork. Their love is forbidden, with radicals on both sides of the fight taking lives brutally. Then Iris disappears, and Eliot must work alone to find her scattered parts since no one cares about a single missing android. Things get a bit ridiculous at times, very action movie-like, and it's fairly predictable, but I like the ingenuity of the concept. I hope Trichter continues working on his writing, and look forward to watching the ass kicking movie this particular book will inevitably turn into.


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