At Night We Walk in Circles, by Daniel Alarcon

This is a thoroughly enjoyable novel, and though interesting in format, I don't have much else to say about it. "At Night We Walk in Circles" is about a young man, Nelson, and the journey he takes with a legendary guerilla theater group through their much-changed South American country. We soon realize that this novel is a transcript of sorts, that our narrator is another young man who is interviewing anyone he can find that is at all connected to Nelson to get at Nelson's story. The writing is very good, with a tinge of South American insouciance. I liked the conceit, where the novel reads in a traditional narrative but with dashes of the interviews peppered liberally throughout. It's a commentary on acting and actors, among many other subjects, and how one can be subsumed by a character so completely as to lose oneself. This would make an excellent book club read, as there's little to offend anyone's sensibilities but many aspects that would provide rich discussion topics. Plus I just love the title!


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