Practical Demonkeeping, by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore and Terry Pratchett (RIP) are my favorite go-to authors for when I just need a break in my reading habits. This isn't to say they aren't smart; far from it. Both are incredibly quick-witted and intelligent, but their novels are light-hearted and easy to digest. "Practical Demonkeeping" is another wonderful book by Moore that provided me with delight and giggles and a welcome respite from the heavier literary fiction I've been reading lately. It's Moore's character descriptions that I love the most: bar owner Mavis's lifelong fight against Death is described in excruciating, anatomical detail, while Augustus Brine's wine- and fishing-induced state of Zen leaves one wishing for one's own salty pier and wine bar. Moore's characters are always marked with an earnestness that makes them irresistible. I don't much care what the story is, I'll always like it. He's unique and original and damned funny. Thank goodness for Christopher Moore.


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