Troika, by Adam Pelzman

The first thirty pages of this novel blew me away, then I had to put it down in order to get work done, but could not stop thinking about it! I finally got to finish "Troika" this past week and am pleased that my first impression stayed true. This is a love story, but of the most unconventional kind. Perla is a Cuban-born stripper in Miami, street-smart and independent; her voice is a bit rambling but fascinating. Julian grew up an orphan in Russia; his family motto: submit to no man. Sophie is Julian's wife, intelligent and stifled, though I won't tell you by what since it's best discovered for yourself. It's a wonderful novel that I loved reading, well worth the hype the publisher was giving it a year ago. Happy endings come in all shapes and sizes, and I was thrilled by "Troika's".


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