Captive, by Aimee Carter

This is the sequel to "Pawn," which I loved; "Captive," unfortunately, as a bit disappointing. It's action-packed and stuffed chock-full of betrayals and twists and surprises, which make for a very quick - but not a very well-written - book. The curse of the science fiction sequel seems to be authors trying to make their book too much like a movie. "Captive" could easily pass for a fleshed-out screenplay, seemingly designed to work better on the big screen than in writing. It's unfortunate, that these authors feel they have to fall back on shocking revelations and actions sequences one after the other to keep our attention. That said, it was a fun enough read, and I do intend to read the third installment. I hope Carter dials back the action and lets her writing speak for itself, next time.


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