Why We Make Mistakes, by Joseph T. Hallinan

This is a very Malcom Gladwell-type book. So much so that many of the points Hallinan makes are the same that Gladwell makes in "Blink." It has the same approachable readability of Gladwell's books, as well. Both books come to essentially the same conclusion: our intuition affects us much more strongly than we believe it does. "Blink" stops there, whereas Hallinan continues by adding that this is why we make mistakes so frequently and consistently; we are overconfident in our own intelligence and abilities and greatly downplay the role instinct makes in decision-making. It's told so plainly that it almost seems like common sense, which I think makes Hallinan's accomplishment seem less grand. But it's an incisive piece of work, and impressive for how engaging it is.


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