Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell

This is Gladwell's second book, written after his incredibly successful "The Tipping Point." I haven't read that one, but I'm sure it's just as interesting and fun to read as "Blink." Gladwell is clearly fascinated by the deep inner workings of the human brain, how we function with so much going on even in just our daily lives. "Blink" is about intuition and gut instinct versus careful and orderly analysis. His conclusion (and I'm not ruining the book by doing this, you'll definitely want to find out the reason why it is so) is that when it comes to minor decisions, we're better off considering things deliberately; but major decisions, like deciding whether a patient is having a heart attack or if a museum piece is authentic, are best left to instinct, albeit instinct honed by experience and practice. Gladwell is a fun writer, whose fascination is contagious, and I can see why his books are so widely read. He's also rather endearing, because he wants his work to be used toward the greater good, to help, for example, police officers shoot their guns less. I hope the thousands of people reading his book will react with more than just interest and start putting his theories to work.


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