Minority Report and Other Stories, by Philip K. Dick (audiobook)

It's truly amazing how many of Dick's short stories have been turned into movies: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Blade Runner), Minority Report, Paycheck, We Sell Memories Wholesale (Total Recall). Such a proliferation of adaptation points both to Dick's originality and his continued relevance. His stories deal with the all-too human issues of free will, self-indentification, and self-determination. This is what good science fiction does, it makes you think about things you would normally think of only in a philosophy class; it brings thoughtful intellectualism to a wider audience and makes it more palatable. The fact that Dick can achieve this in short story format is incredible. Short stories are very easy to write and notoriously difficult to write well. A good short story is often, I believe, more powerful than its full-length counterpart. I was very impressed with this collection, and look forward to reading his longer fiction as well.


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