Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Mars trilogy is Robinson's most well-known work, and having finished the first installment, I can see why. "Red Mars" is hard science fiction through and through, coupled with Robinson's lovely writing to make a tour de force of a novel. It's certainly not for people uninterested in sci fi; it's almost too hard for me, even. I generally love when a book makes a point of relying on real math and science to underpin its plot structure, though I'll be the first to admit I don't always understand it. Robinson maybe focuses a bit too much on the science here, leaving me, a normally voracious hard sci fi reader, with slightly glazed eyes and a plodding reading speed for some of the book. The political and interpersonal parts - with Robinson's delectable insight and writing style - make up for that, and I like how each section of the book is written from a different character's perspective while remaining in the third person. My only other complaint is probably specific to this edition, as I noticed several editing errors (e.g. repeated words and incorrect cognates). I'll need a break before launching into the second book, but I very much look forward to it.


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