Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and Ghosts, ed. by Barbara H. Solomon and Eileen Panetta

Having now read twenty-five short stories and novel excerpts, I can safely conclude that horror stories just aren't my thing. There are some cool stories in here, and even a couple of funny ones by Woody Allen and Oscar Wilde, but in general the stories are melodramatic and overdone. These subject matters tend to elicit overwrought prose and far too heightened language, which instead of setting the reader on tenterhooks, only serves to take you out of the story and comment upon the slightly ridiculous narration. It's difficult, however, to think of how it could be otherwise. Supernaturally based movies are enjoyable because the visual is so strong and so clearly exemplifies The Other. Authors are faced with the challenge of trying to evoke a similarly strong response without any visual aids. I think that for myself, I will continue to rely on movies to get my horror fix, and stay away from the books.


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