When you are Englufed in Flames, by David Sedaris

This is the second book of essays I've read by David Sedaris; the first was "Me Talk Pretty One Day." That book was hilarious, I often found myself laughing out loud. This book, while it definitely has its funny parts, is much more introspective and, as such, rather more powerful. The events Sedaris writes about are largely inconsequential in the span of a life, and there are several essays written not about a single happening, but about a person over a period of time. This makes the essays more poignant, more meaningful than just another funny circumstance. I've always been a fan of short narrative formats, be they essays or fiction, and this book did not disappoint. I'm interested to read more of Sedaris' work in order to see whether this particular compilation represents an evolution in his writing over time, or if it is a stand-alone set.


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