The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine

Wow. That sure explains a lot. Brizendine's short book follows the progression of a typical female brain from 6 weeks after conception all the way past menopause. Her conclusions are backed by decades of work studying women and hormones and an incredibly extensive list of studies and sources. Her goal is to make women aware of how their brain is wired (i.e. for the Stone Age; our world has evolved much more quickly than we ever will) so that they can understand why they act and react as they do, thus enabling them to make more informed choices.

Brizendine's arguments are convincing, and for any woman who has gone through what she describes, eyeopening. I now understand why men and women have such a hard time communicating, and why I feel the need to gossip with my girlfriends even though I loathe drama and talking behind anybody's back. Brizendine's writing only rarely gets bogged down; I read the nearly 200 pages in only two days, a feat unheard of for me when it comes to non-fiction. I absolutely recommend this to every woman, so they can better understand themselves, and every man who is perpetually confused about why the women close to them act the way they do.


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