The City of Dreaming Books, by Walter Moers

This is the third book I have read by Moers, and it did not disappoint. If anything, it was even better than the other two, since it's all about books and the people (creatures?) who love them. This is an absolute must for any avid book-lover. There is danger, excitement, mystery, fantasy, and the entire story is run through with an incredible love and respect for the written word.

The action takes place underneath the famed city of Bookholm, a metropolis entirely dedicated to any and every aspect of the book business. Our hero and narrator, Optimus Yarnspinner, a dinosaur from the famed literary stronghold Lindworm Castle, goes to Bookholm in search of the author of the most amazing piece of writing he has ever read. His innocent search runs afoul of many terrifying and nefarious characters, and he nearly dies several times. The action is breathtaking and the writing style impeccable, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Moers, and his translator, are truly masters of their artforms.


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