Lamb, by Christopher Moore

Once again, I am vindicated in my love for Christopher Moore. This book is about the missing years of Jesus' life, from 6 years old until his death, as told by "his childhood pal, Biff." Is it hilarious? Yes. Is it blasphemous? Yes. Is it offensive? Most likely. Is it brilliant? Absolutely.

This is the most message-driven of Moore's books that I've read, and it's a message I like. Moore has Jesus and Biff traveling throughout Asia and the Middle East in a quest to find out what truly matters, searching for the Divine Spark. While learning from various wise men, Jesus realizes that the extreme differentiation his people, the Jews, engaged in as a result of a millennium of persecution, was not the way to God. He persistently comes up against the wall, even among his own disciples, of not understanding that EVERYONE is welcome in the kingdom of heaven. His message to love all, no matter what, is lost even on those who followed him and loved him most. It's a poignant message, not at all undercut by Moore's comedy and intermittent vulgarity. As always, I look forward to reading more of Moore's books.


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