N-Space, by Larry Niven

I once again return to my favorite science fiction author, Larry Niven. This is a collection of short stories and excerpts drawn together to commemorate the anniversary of Niven's first published work. I was pleased that I'd only already read one of the stories, and was, as usual, thrilled with his other works. One story that particularly stands out is a little different from Niven's usual in that it is, at heart, a love story, and rather less snarky than his writing is normally. Niven's introductions to each piece are illuminating and interesting. I especially enjoyed the few essays in the collection, which display what is clearly a towering intellect that is often toned down for novelizations. These works, again, leave me hungry for more Niven, and I look forward to one day owning his entire body of work.


  1. Glad you like Niven so much. Have you read any of his collaborations with Jerry Pournelle? I consider the two of them working together to be the best SF writer of the past 30+ years.

    John DeVries

  2. I haven't, I've actually avoided his collaborations because I like his writing style so much. I know that when I run out of his own stuff to read I'll have to start in on the collaborations. One of the stories in this book was one, and it was quite good. I'll have to get over my prejudice :P


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