Stories from the Vinyl Cafe, by Stuart McLean

I received this book as part of the Reddit Secret Santa in which I participate, and I am very pleasantly surprised. The author is Canadian and, from what I can gather, has a radio show called "The Vinyl Cafe." I'm not sure whether these particular stories were part of his radio show, or whether they were originally meant for print. Most of the stories revolve around the same person, Dave, though there are some other main characters we meet. The writing is simple, but not sparse or terse. It's an incredibly easy book to read; I finished it in four days. Reading the stories is a bit like peeking into someone's diary: we get to hear what the character's subconsciences are really feeling, and there is no id filter. The stories revolve around peripheral events that are important, but mostly are about how the little things accumulate to create the sum of a life, or a person. I would definitely read more of McLean's writing.


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